West Hendon
A selection of images from a commission for Barnet Council's Economic Development team led by Oli Pinch, to create a collection of images for the Council’s West Hendon website . I worked with the West Hendon Business Association, and Smarter Society consultancy, to showcase the diversity of West Hendon, making images of specific local landmarks and businesses. Barnet Council will also use this collection to provide stock images showcasing people using the Broadway and specific green spaces in the area. The traders were brilliant to work with. They are working very hard on behalf of the local community to make the most of the recent redevelopment and regeneration of the area, and they will now manage the website going forward. Without the local traders there would be no local community.
Barnet High Street
A collection of more than 50 images , exhibited at Barnet Museum from December 2023
T & H Motors 2023
Photobook capturing T &H Motors as the owner, Stuart Pickett, sold up after 42 years. After I made these images the premises were cleared and renovated by the new owner.
Jurassic Coast B/W 2023
Neopan ASA1600 [exp. 2011] Canon A1
Clubbing 1982
Taken on one night at the St. Moritz Club, Wardour Street, Soho, London. Featuring clothes from Vivienne Westwood's Pirate and Nostalgia of Mud collections. Images part of a collection held at the Museum of Youth Culture.
Virgin Prunes 1982
Shoot of an interview with Gavin Friday and Dik Evans of Virgin Prunes, in a pub in London. They had just released their album ...If I Die I Die. With them is John Balance (Geoff Rushton). These images are part of a collection held at The Museum of Youth Culture and some were used to promote the 40th Anniversary release of ...If I Die I Die.
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